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My long delayed story of Veresia Martell, younger sister of Ayrs She was presumed dead after the attack on their home world of Ithaca, but actually survived and was enslaved by the Empire. The title is a reference to the Yogg-Saron fight from WoW (which is where I got my MMO start), as well as a general description of how Veresia views herself.


Veresia in-game (tags for size)

Several background/intro posts from the Short Fic thread to start with (I switched from 3rd person to 1st for the rest of this topic, my apologies for any confusion).

(1) Veresia's talents with the Force are discovered by the Sith


(2) Veresia's reflections during the trip to Korriban


(3) Veresia arrives at Korriban

Finest mediocre fanfic this side of the Outer Rim:Trooper / Inquisitor