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Chiming in....

I'll be as clear as I can be.

Automation of the game in any way is against the ToS. This includes macro'ing in order to respec during Warzone matches.

Remapping keys on a keyboard (or Nostromo or Logitech) device so that one key press == one click or ability cast within the game is fine. Using a programmable keyboard or software macro so that one key press == multiple clicks or ability casts in the game is not.

Hopefully that doesn't leave room for 'interpretation'. If it does, ask a binary question and I'll give a yes/no
What about the software that comes with the SWTOR Razer Mouse. That is specifically build for Macroing. I think this is a bit confusing for folks who forked over $100 for the hardware and software based on this exact feature set.

Now you're saying that it's illegal to use the features of a product, which is specifically co-branded with SWTOR, that you marketed for this purpose?????
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