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Hey DarthTHC!
It isn't that you are intentionally impersonating an employee, but if a player is quickly skimming a thread, when they see yellow text the assumption will be it is from us.

Hope that clears it up!

-eric other words... they don't want forum members taking faux-gold posts to the knee.

There are enough challenge as it is just trying to encourage people not to read more into a gold post then is written IMO. did Eric say "po-tay-to" or "pot-hot-o" when he posted a response about upcoming potatoes in the next patch.....followed by a nonsequitur rant into why carrots are not potatoes, which inevitably leads to complaints about "where's the carrots!?" etc. etc.

Oh... and steer clear of yellow snow too DarthTHC Izz not good for you.
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