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Hey guys I had a question, and hopefully a developer can chime in as well. There is a guild on my server, who shall go unnamed, that uses macros in warzones both regs and rateds in order to respec in literally 3-4 seconds, speed click the huttball on the pit, and other things. I was under the impression this wasnt in compliance with the TOS, but one of the members linked a message where he interpreted Bioware saying its ok for quality of life to mean he can do these things in pvp. Obviously this gives them huge advantages in warzones. Doesn't matter how many people you have at mid if one of them are there they will always grab the ball, and as I said, and did not exaggerate, they can switch between dps and heals, or tank and dps within a matter of 3-4 seconds while walking through a warzone.

So basically, is this against TOS or is it ok to do these things? One of the reasons we are hesitant to do rateds with them is because of the huge advantage this brings, and we don't want to do it as well to simply end up banned, just for the sake of being on equal footing. So please let me know, and if a Bioware employee could shed some light on it I would greatly appreciate it.
Chiming in....

I'll be as clear as I can be.

Automation of the game in any way is against the ToS. This includes macro'ing in order to respec during Warzone matches.

Remapping keys on a keyboard (or Nostromo or Logitech) device so that one key press == one click or ability cast within the game is fine. Using a programmable keyboard or software macro so that one key press == multiple clicks or ability casts in the game is not.

Hopefully that doesn't leave room for 'interpretation'. If it does, ask a binary question and I'll give a yes/no

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