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06.20.2013 , 12:21 PM | #10
I encountered several bugs when running this missions.

I never had a problem with travelling not counting for me, my bugs were different. First I was heavy screwed by the companion bug, where companions will either stop in place and not fight, or just randomly run off somewhere. That was difficult to deal with, but somehow I made it through.

Next, the general's elite guards kept resetting. I would get them down maybe about 20% in health and they would reset, and start wailing on me at full health. I did manage to find a way around this. There seems to be no limit to their chase range. What I did was pull them all the way back to where the republic forces were gathered. Then I let all the republic commandos wail on them. This worked, although I got no xp from the kills, and no loot.

Between the latency issues people are having, th one time password issues, the stupid hutt cartel loading screeen coming up every few minutes even though there is no need for more loading, and bugged missions like this, this game is really starting to suck. fix this crap devs, fix it now, or you lose a ton of players and a ton of money.