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06.20.2013 , 10:34 AM | #273
I've been following this for a while now and figured I'd put in my two cents. I'm one of the players that, for the most part, doesn't come onto the forms because most of the time it seems like it's nothing but doom proclaimers and people complaining about things that seem small and/or stupid. This topic however has been something that's been on my mind since its release with naked PvP and has continued to cause strife.

Currently I have seen what you've all been pointing out and it really irks me when i am torn up by someone with pve gear that's not even top tier when I'm in almost full conquer gear with max exp just because they decide to spend thier pve earned credits to abuse an exploit. Most pvpers i know either don't have the credits to throw at sub par pve gear to abuse the system or want to be able to truthfully say they didn't do so when this all (hopefully) gets fixed.

The fact of the mater is that we shouldn't have to feel like we won't be able to preform at our best because we have the best pvp gear. If this was PvE and Partisan gear preformed better then top tier PvE and PvPers were easy moding TFB NiM the fourms would explode with the rage of the PvEers and F2Pers because their hard earned gepar now meant very little, out the F2Pers would have to buy the WZ unlocks to even try and get Partisan. This of course taking into account that there's some wired end game (bolster) handicap for PvE which in and of itself would cause an explosian of PvE rage.might

My issue with bolster doesn't start with the bugs though; it's actually with bolster itself. As a new 55, you don't get a boast to your stats or even a free, low tier PvE set. You either have what you've earned through out you're play time or the lvl 54 stuff you bought from crafters. PvP should be the same way. You should have the option to buy either low tier pvp gear or armoring, mods, ect, with the comms you've earned from pvping while lvling, or buy some low tier pvp gear from crafters (what?! Armor crafters like synthweave and such might gain a use?!). This way new 55s aren't super out geared when they start unless they choose to be, there's no weird handicap at 55 that can be exploited, and earning gear actually means something now.

We don't need bolster Eric; we don't even want it. The best fix would be to follow the K.I.S.S. method, scrap bolster at 55, and just use the gear progression style pve uses that i just laid out. Crafters get something, new 55s have a way to start pvping, and even the devs get to stop wasting time trying to fix a bolster system that didn't need to get thus complicated inthe first place.

It's like choosing to eat soup using a fork tapped to chop sticks glued to a spoon that has a sponge attatched to it that soaks up the soup. Keep It Simple Stupid and just use the spoon.