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Black talon was fantastic, great instance, ive done it about 30 times since beta, probably skipped the story twice. I was looking forward to seeing this kind of experience for every flashpoint there after and i was excited to see what happens next.

Well, i felt like i experienced the classic bait and switch, ive done the hammer, it has 1 alignment choice and you could careless about what it is, you dont feel the consequence of your actions, hell you dont even really know what your actions actually did. Same goes for Athiss, and Mandelorian raider and im quite certain it goes for every other flash point after black talon/ the essles.

You get 1 boss, 1 obligatory alignment decision, 4 or 8 social points and 3 more bosses. Cmon bioware, you are supposed to be changing the mold, you cant get lazy after putting so much work into your first. Your most engaging flashpoint cant ONLY be your first one.

I pray that the story is being worked on, and it will be patched in at a later date, otherwise you guys havent done enough with the group content, how the heck are we supposed to farm social gear if we only have limited opportunities for group conversation.
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