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06.20.2013 , 08:44 AM | #3619
1) VOIP in game is a horrible idea. I wouldn't join even if I could. I don't know you and I certainly don't want to talk to the random ragers in this game. Back when I played Halo, I literally muted every random in my matches that had a mic on.

2) If your argument hinges on a new player getting stomped in their first match and never coming back then you have no argument. If you go into your first 55 warzone expecting to drop a million damage and win 75% of your games thereafter then you're an idiot. I went into my first ever warzone assuming I'd get stomped and continue to get stomped until I got better. I assumed correctly.

3) As a primarily solo queuer (sometimes duo), I can honestly say that none of the solo queue proponents speak for me or all of those who solo queue. You claim that you are protecting those who solo queue, but you're only trying to protect yourself. I can and have beaten good premades before, I don't need you taking the competition out of my warzones. I realize that many want a hybrid queue with a group queue option, but population is too low to support separate queues. I'm not saying population is low now, I'm saying if you split the population in half, it will be too small in each queue.

Anyway, you already know what we have coming in the future. Can't wait to get pulled down by the awesome players in a solo ranked queue.
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