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I absolutely agree that these games shouldn't happen, but consider this:

It's perfectly fine to not want to group up, but if you did group up, the outcome would have been the same. The top pvp guilds play a ton, and have become really really good. Voice comms are an advantage, but they are absolutely not needed in such a game. In fact, if we run a guild premade, most of the times we are not on voice at all, and we still win most games against non-pvp guild premades, just because we usually have some 50k games combined among us 4, and have learned a thing or 2 along the way.

If you split queues then yes it will be better in the solo queue, but it will also be very hard on casual groups, which are the majority in this game. I believe that a big part of those groups would soon never form, and instead tehy would be "forced" to solo queue, but for those people who think being social is a significant part of an mmo this would be a pretty big letdown.

I honestly think matchmaking, however crude it is in the beginning, would be the only thing that maximizes the amount of "good" games vs stupid roflstomps. Yes those would still happen, but the goal should be to have as few of them as possible.
If casual groups are the majority, I have no idea, then why would it affect them? Surely you would jsut end up with more premade v premade?

Not saying I personally agree with split queues. Peoples experience suggests that there arent lots of premades, i.e. resulting in premade vs premade, but that there are enough to make it so that it is usually premade vs pug?

What you are saying is that you want to queue with your friends, who are good players, and you are happy to stomp over people who aren't teamed up.