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06.20.2013 , 03:03 AM | #108
In a hotkey MMO people want to use their abilities. SWTOR is the only game that has you click less buttons the more you progress. Balance Shadows never had a "daunting" priority order. It was quite simple; Force in Balance on CD, keep the two dots up, then follow the order: Spinning Strike > Shadow Strike > Mind Crush > Double Strike > Saber Strike. Insert project every 20s if you specced for that.

It wasn't difficult. It required enough awareness to prevent it from becoming boring. This new Balance is actually more difficult to play, I find. Our force regen is random. Balance Shadows used to be a dance that, if we knew it well, could perform some amazing things. In 2.0 it's a dance in the dark on uneven terrain. The ability usage is so simple now that it always feels like something is missing, and saber strike has more or less become part of our rotation, as opposed to a last resort.

And you've had TONS of negative feedback, Bioware. You bloody owe it to us to revert the changes you've made to our spec because it is now underperforming, and as a pvper I can't justify the spec anymore. You broke it. Now you have to fix it.