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we are all worried because you guys have had nearly 2 years to make this happen and not only do you drop the ball you kick it out into traffic.

I mean i was all set to transfer to a new guild to start Nightmare modes... and you guys screwed not only me but everyone in the guild i am joining.

The onyl reason i am not stopping my account is because you guys screwed the pooch on NiM TFB anyways so there is no real loss at this point.
Really? We finally coax them out for an answer and you have to swoop in like a jerk? How about a more succinct and less snarky comment next time? Next time just type "It's about time" and walk away. We're in here sincerely looking for a response and you just want to throw a punch or two. It's no wonder we have issues getting Devs to answer in threads.
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