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06.18.2013 , 02:59 PM | #77
Thx for the update, I have been looking forward to more information, as I was starting to feel like I might as well go F2P.

Probably gonna keep my sub running for this content. Bounty Hunter event and PVP stuff sounds like something I wouldn't want to miss.

I would also very much like it if you would provide information about long term stuff.

I 'grew up' in wow and they always give info a year or so in advance so people keep the buzz going, and that imo is very important to any game. My wish would be a REAL expansion like 10 levels higher cap, lots of new planets and especially more class/companion story content, more factions to grind rep with, more FPs, OPs, WZs etc.

I'd much rather have an expansion of a grand scale that you could charge say 50$ for than 4-5 smaller Makeb like updates at 10$.