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Arlon, was this type of reply really warranted? Attacking a player for asking why something they would like is never good. Glzmo has every right to ask without a snarky reply by you. It may not be important to you at all, but it obviously matters to him, and because of that, I hope they are added.
I'm not opposed to them being added nor do I have any ill will towards him.

A. Most of my posts are snarky, sarcastic, or tongue and cheek. It's my personality. I talk this way to my mother (got smacked a lot for it too).
B. The first line was just an honest answer to his question. There was no mention of it cause it's likely not there. I never said it shouldn't be or good or anything like that. I would have said the same thing to Alec if he asked about hood toggles or someone asking about Legacy/Account wide datacrons and those are both things I do care about it. If everyone asked why no mention of *insert my highest wishlist item* then the whole thread would be a large non-sequitor of people writing to santa.
C. This was at least the 2nd if not 3rd time he's replied asking about this in threads not talking about it. He should start his own thread asking the question rather than clutter non-related.
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