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I have read every post in this thread.

Going back to the beginning:

You are making a lot of incorrect assumptions:

#1 Yes, it was floated at one point that the RotHC content might be free for subscribers. When the release announcement was made, obviously that "might" became "no," and subscribers were charged $10 for the expansion/content patch/whatever you want to call it. Just because they made the decision to charge subscribers for a small expansion does not automatically mean they will charge for every subsequent content patch.

#2 You make the monumental leap that because we were charged for RotHC, an expansion, that EVERY content patch from here on will be charged for. Yes, RotHC was not a big expansion, but when it comes to MMOs it does fit the definition of expansion: new content, new level cap, new abilities. And ALL MMOs charge for expansions, but NONE charge for content patches.

#3 For subscribers, the Cartel Market is nothing more than cosmetic and vanity fluff. Name me one thing that a subscriber HAS to buy off the cartel market in order to play this game to its fullest. And before you say, "the Cathar race," a subscriber can participate in every aspect of this game without ever unlocking the Cathar race. Heck, a subscriber does not even need to play any race other than human and can participate in every aspect of this game. ALL the races are fluff - there is no advantage to playing any one race over another.

#4 In the past when EA/BioWare was going to charge for anything, they have given the player population ample warning and opened it to pre-order. What makes you think now they will spring it on us like some sort of trap? If they intended to charge for 2.3 they would have said so by now, if the ETA release date is accurate.

So to answer your question: How much will they charge? I say BIG FAT ZERO
So, What you are saying. That if today or tomorrow they announced that it cost 275CC to unlock its Ok?