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Hey folks,

As some of you have already guessed, we made this change to address exploitive behavior. Players were able to create new characters, and with some craftiness, fairly quickly and repeatedly acquire the Credit Booms from the Encrypted Data Cubes.

Hope that explains the decision. Thanks!

I think this was understood and didn't really require further explanation.
What does need further clarification is just waht you define as exploitative behaviour here.

My example
I obtained all 4 cubes, wit the primary objective of using them to obtain a nice credit bonus on any alts I created.
I did not create any new alts just to get the credits. I did run through my existing characters (all who where of a level to go to Nar Shaddaa and quest)
I planned on using these on any further characters i produced in the same manner (but, did not plan to make alts just to get the credits)
Is this exploitative?
I cannot see how it is as its just using the items in the manner which they are designed.

And, a further question
As I purchased packs just to obtained these, and spent cc on unlocks to use them across my account. Will there be refund/compensation as I cannot now use them in the intended way?