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12.21.2011 , 09:53 PM | #81
Well, personally I've been running as a 3x gatherer (scavenge/bio/arch), haven't sold a single resource on the GTN, and either equipped the BoE gear I've picked up or mailed it to an alt. The only stuff I've sold was either vendor junk or previously bound (not usable by companions) gear.

At lvl 25 I had over 80K in the bank (which got gouged by speeder training) and had max level mods for all of my orange gear (paid for with commendations, not cash). No PvP, no Flashpoint creds, just doing the regular + bonus missions.

So, while slicing may provide a nice credit buffer, it's absolutely unnecessary, and I'm figuring I'll either sell the mats I've farmed for a nice profit in a few weeks when folks start aggressively purchasing them to power-level their lvl 50 chars, or I'll use them myself to lvl my primary/alt professions. Win either way.

Sure, slicing looks like the go-to prof in these early days, but in the long run those credit bags aren't going to scale with the general economy, and eventually they'll become trivial. While I hate to point at WoW as an example, it's fairly representative of MMO economics - GTN prices will ultimately appear to be stratospheric vs. vendor product, but the value of gathered mats will balance out those prices. I really like that SWTOR has the alternative BoP currency for purchasing level-appropriate gear/mods. You'll always be able to side-step the mainstream economy if doing GTN isn't your thing. If you want to min/max while leveling, then just take gathering profs and buy the gear you need with the profit from selling the mats. The dedicated crafters will love you.

Meanwhile, I'm just waiting for some enterprising Artifice crafter to figure out that I'd like to spend a hefty chunk of cash for a decent blue +End crystal to replace my horribly obsolete DDE yellow/black one. Seriously, as a light-side Sith I am just aching to *show my color*!