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Let's not make it a toogle, because yea, that can be kind of hectic to program, but some animations persist for 999 seconds (Twi'lek Parlor Dance lasts for 999 seconds or 9999, not sure which, but either one is an incredibly long time that actually makes it very feasible for roleplaying)

However, another thing is there are times (because I have maxed out my presence score to almost the highest possible amount in the game without items) and my companion will still not be fully healed by the time I am done meditating/seething/what have you, so I have been forced into a situation where every time I need to rest it's actually more feasible to dismiss my companion, re summon them, and then do the actual rest ability. I don't need to explain this is very immersion breaking.

However, I think it would also be great if we could have our companion make some kind of rest animation as well, for even greater immersion possibilities (how many rounds does Jorgan GET in his Assault Cannon anyway? I have to reload every other fight but I've never had to see HIM reload...)
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