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Yeah, it was patched out as noted above. After they fixed the double stacking of 2 piece bonuses, I did another set of parses with just a 2 piece PvP bonus and got very similar results here with 3412 DPS. That is per the Harbinger's rules so the beginning is clipped as well, but it's only about 25 DPS below my previous best (3437 DPS) with the double stacking 2 piece bonuses. I would have lost more damage (I think around 50) from losing the 2nd 2 piece bonus, but I changed to 7/36/3 spec and that seems to give me about 20 extra DPS to make up for it.

These are definitely both lucky parses, but interestingly, the critical chance on my skills is only about 3-5% beyond my normal (I had 64 crit rating, which was around 24% chance) at most for almost all of them. The key difference in my highest DPS parses is actually in getting high critical rates on Flyby/Orbital. I had a 34.29% crit rate on Orbital for my 3437 parse and 30% on the 3412 one. It makes sense since Flyby/Orbital has the highest individual damage of any of our skills and does elemental damage on top of that so that it ignores armor. Now if only there was some way to will Flyby/Orbital to crit...
7/36/3 that is a great idea if you use Ambush / Aimed Shot. OP updated:
with Ambush [some reading here]
7/36/3 - Sniper
7/36/3 - Gunslinger

without Ambush
5/36/5 - Sniper
5/36/5 - Gunslinger
I still personally haven't gotten around to testing out Ambush / Aimed Shot but i see myself putting it back in my skill bar. It's a very high DPE ability compared to Snipe and i can definitely see myself using it more in the near future... Thanks!
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