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And, yet, somehow, very few DPS manage to do this *very* simple thing.

I honestly think that misbehaving DPS are one of the big reasons why there are fewer tanks than there would be otherwise. DPS using the wrong kill order or splitting DPS on elite+ targets is *absurdly frustrating*. It probably doesn't help that tanks also have to put their trust in healers: if a healer is bad, a tank is going to faceplant, regardless of their gear. Tanking is a more complex role than healing or DPSing that is *forced* to place a lot of trust in the other players of the group not being idiots. When they *are* idiots, a tank's life is made incredibly frustrating (especially since most DPS will blame you for losing threat when the real reason is their inability to use proper focus DPS and target priority).
The master has spoken.

This is horrible tbh, as Kitru said, we as tanks have to place our trust to others so we can survive and yet if THE TANK fails (for a reason or the other) the whole group dies. And when that happends people quickly blame the tank even though tanks performance is directley a reflect how the 2x dps & healer handels themselfs.

So what happends; good tanks only play with confirmed good players / with their guilds. And when they are not tanking, they are logged in with their alt char (dps / heal). Bottom line, no public tanks.

Only way to fix things around is BW creating a hardcore FP training course where a player has to play as all 3 roles and complete the training with fixed and strict parameters and only after this training course you could queue for FP's. But that's too much to ask for, so how about giving FP tanks a guranteed gear drop (good gear raiting) where the gear piece won't even show on the loot list. The tank(s) simply get's it directley, no loot ninja possibilities. I can suffer the wipes and the drama if I know I will get a guranteed *random* gear piece to me that no ninja can steal from me.