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Hi! Good question Stormtime. I'm planning on a post tomorrow recapping our Summer Plans and updating where the teams are at in terms of hitting those dates, and was going to include these timestamps. I still will, but here they are now:

Double XP Weekend 1:
  • Start: June 21íst @6pm GMT
  • End: June 24íth @7am GMT
Double XP Weekend 2:
  • Start: June 28íth @6pm GMT
  • End: July 1íst @7am GMT
Double XP Weekend 3:
  • Start: July 4íth @11am GMT
  • End: July 8íth @7am GMT

Just convert GMT to your timezone and you are set!
You have to lol, these guys can't make up their minds on what time zone they post their times in. I thought they had started using UTC.
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