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Hey Tatile,

I talked to the Cartel Market team, the leggings in the men's Regal Apparel Armor Set is intended and thus working as designed. I'll definitely forward your feedback along for future sets, but there are no plans to change this set.
Though I thank you for taking the time to look into this, Ms. Woods, I remain extremely sceptical that anything will come of it, if we consider how the game currently stands and how much interaction takes place between the Community and Bioware when issues like this, and others, are raised.

I might remind you that there are six (6) sets of Adaptive/Social Armour which are bikinis, which can only be worn by female characters and NPCs, yet nothing equivalent for male characters and NPCs. It was extremely telling that, when running around Makeb, I came across several male NPCs who were clearly slaves kept for their looks and for sexual purposes, but were forced to wear only boxers, because the armour designers for this game appear entirely incapable of creating gear that sexualizes the male form.