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I always liked both romances of the Jedi Knight, Kira and Doc.

Kira's character in general was always something that intrigued me, her entire romance was a lot of fun.

With Doc, I just loved how I managed to turn this flirting ladies' man into an honest guy so fascinated by me that he stopped looking at other women period. Not to mention some of the dialogue options:

"I swear every time we're together, it's different. You are not using Jedi mind tricks on my, are you?"
- "Would you be excited if I said "yes"?"
"Sure, I mean, no. I don't know. Are you doing it right now? Don't answer that."

Besides, Doc's romance is the only one in the game to actually have a wedding ceremony.

I also enjoyed the Dark Jaesa romance, but probably more because of how Ax Crazy Jaesa becomes during the course of it.
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