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06.17.2013 , 03:19 AM | #320
Even if I am in swtor since start - including a slightly looong break - I only started to do grouped pve content since 2.0, as I was taking swtor as a break from raiding and I am an altoholic by heart.

And as FP wise I either tank, heal or dps with guildies filling the at least 2/3 of the remaining spots ... nothing really weird to report (beside ppl not being able to even type 'hi' or any other word in chat), however, something that happened to me in another mmo still makes me think 'wow' after years.

4 of our guild joined a HM/heroic instance and had to pug the tank, as I didn't feel like tanking atm.

The tank joins (... not too much HP tbh, but hey we all started low) and as the group is ready we start on first groups of trash ...mark targets and go .... and I manage to get the aggro of one mob after the other and my healer starts to gets a bit grumpy on TS ... :P

Ok, I check my stance ... DPS, should be ok.

Next group ... I hold back and give the tank time (more than enough imo) to get aggro, and it works out as he got the desired attention ...
next thing I see is the tank dropping like a wet noodle (at this moment I was making jokes to the healer, as she was our raid healer too), the other 2 dps go down one after the other and in the end I was last man standing (sacrifice pet & every cd I had reduced my repair bill).

I've never been a fan of inspecting other players, but ok let us see what we got:
the tank is not in tank stance and I politely ask him to go into tank stance to keep aggro, while typing these lines to him I start to inspect him (felt bad atm, but not for too long) and realize he had not a single piece of tank gear on him ... stuff can happen (I raided once some bosses with my fishing pole).
So I ask him, if he would mind to put on his tanking gear too
... and the tank replies:
"LOL I can't put anything on as I am not a tank, but I am sure one of you has tanking gear and spec as I only queue as tank to get an instant pop. DPS queues sux. Txs "

I was slightly ... speechless, and yeah ... I changed spec and tanked again.

In the end we finished the instance without further casualties(beside NPCs) and yes, we even kept our "tank".

And after a little chat with him, he mentioned that he would get kicked most of the times, but in the end he would still run more instances this way, compared to joining the queue as dps.

However, I'll try to pug more in the near future to hopefully () add something swtor related to this topic ...