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If I'm in a grocery store stocking shelves, I'm still available to the consumer at all times, or the next person on shift is. And if I'm not found out on the floor, my customer service staff is there at all times to hear and respond to feedback accordingly. Whether it's the answer the consumer wants to hear or not, they have still had their say and have gotten their answer; they have been served.

The cantina tour is like stopping by a store run by unresponsive drones between the hours of 5-6am when hardly anyone is there, taking care of business and then going home for the day. This, yes, serves a few people, but leaves out the mass majority of the consumer base that needs to be interacted with and dealt with at all times.

Again, the people that run TOR are grown professionals. One does not put out an ongoing product or service and then phone it in everyday and walk away. I certainly would not do this; I expect the same of any working professional accountable to their job as well.
For all your ranting, what exactly are you on about here?
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