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I have just had to transfer all of my characters to another server. This has cost me money and bandwidth time to do. I love the game so much I just swallowed that ugly pill and get on with it.

Then, I find out that two of my oldest characters have to change their name! Now I am totally outraged!

I am an original founder and subscriber from day 1 and I have developed those characters through many long nights and mugs of coffee. I managed to get awesome names for them, only to have to be FORCED to move servers and I have to change my original names. And all we get from lucasarts and bioware.... so sorry, oh well too bad

This is just not on, it is totally not fair. They should be able to investigate if someone else has the same name and whoever had it first, gets to keep it, the other person has to change. Why double whammy someone when they are already on the ground, shame on you. If they force transferred servers from somewhere else to AusPac and I got an email from the devs saying, "We are terribly sorry, but due to our Empire like actions, a fellow gamer has the same name as you. We have conducted an investigation and found that this fellow gamer had the name months before you did so you will need to pick another name for your character", I seriously would not have a problem with that at all

So, can I find anywhere on the website where I can lodge my concerns or vent?, its just full of FAQ's! Now, I don't live in America where every action usually ends up in a law suit, but I tell you, I reckon if they closed down the north america servers the lawers would be lining up rubbing their palms together.

this is unacceptable and lucasarts and bioware need to step up big time....its enough to turn Yoda to the Dark Side!
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