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This happened to me just a few hours ago.

I group up with 2 fellow guildies for GF HMFP and we get Cademimu with a well geared Vanguard tank and i think "nice we should have no problem clearing the fp".

Group composition is me(sentinel dps), my guildies (commando dps and sage healer) and the vangurad tank.
Unfortunately my fellow guild healer isnt really good but he is improving, we manage to get to last boss(the one with Shackles) with a few wipes due to my guildie struggling a bit at healing but at least to me its not a really big deal.

We wipe the first time because of shackles and the second time we kill the boss with me being the last man standing.

After the boss is dead the tank whispers me that we wiped and we almost wiped a second time because im bad as i tend to move too much while dpsing the boss and that he always got the shackles because i stood <4 from the boss, oh and he called me a retard saying that i needed to L2P.

What do you think? Was it my fault?

I'm sorry for my bad english but it's not my native language, i hope you can understand what i wrote .
Nah the guy sounds like a complete retard and a jerk. As a DPS sometimes if you don't move (out of fire or circles you die too fast) and besides that boss requires movement to begin with other wise you'd get flames. And you do a good job with English even though as you say it is not your first language.