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06.16.2013 , 08:42 AM | #23
Why isn't this fixed yet? I really have NOT been able to do any SM ops since 2.0. My inquisitor is basically stuck. Can't run Level 55 fps cuz my armour isnt high enuff and the only way to gear at the moment is to grind daily planets (which I hate so not an option) and running the 1 fp a day for basic comms. Why why why can't i run level 50 ops exclusively at level 55 to gear up? all my endgame is totally dead. Gutted and they seem to be adament this isn't going to be fixed. Can the devs at least explain why?? what harm is there??? I unsubbed last month and won't even play after this month if level 55s cant run 50 ops in gf cuz endgame is BOOOOORING without them.