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I would put Ambush just below refreshing the 3 stacks of ER/BS stacks since I basically never use it if my stacks are going to drop. Ambush would then be above our basic auto-attack (Rifle Shot) and extra Snipes until the rest of our skills are off cooldown.

Updated the OP:
  1. Shatter Shot Flourish Shot
  2. Covered Escape Hightail It
  3. Series of Shots* Speed Shot
  4. Orbital Strike* XS Freighter Flyby
  5. Plasma Probe* Incendiary Grenade
  6. Interrogation Probe Shock Charge
  7. Explosive Probe Sabotage Charge
  8. Corrosive Dart Vital Shot
  9. Maintaining 3 stacks of Electrified Railgun Blazing Speed NEW!
  10. Ambush Aimed Shot NEW!
  11. Snipe* Charged Burst*
  12. Overload Shot Quick Shot when repositioning to maintain 3x Electrified Railgun Blazing Speed stacks

Asterisks (*) on certain abilities because their usage will vary a lot depending on the circumstances and player preference. These abilities also comprise a big part of your DPS and are important to keep up or keep on cooldown.
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