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More than just that.

Quoted from my Bug report over Calo Nord's helmet.

On the back of the head. what do I see? my bald head poking out at me.

Synopsis of Bug:
I am a male body type 2. standard, Human. My natural head sticks out of the hat portions of the Calo Nord cap that shouldn't be possible.

Updated. Chest is horribly bugged, the side pockets clicpings and the back part going inside the butt.
Quote: Originally Posted by Snordek View Post
You can add Calo Nord's Jacket to the list of bugged items. The geometry/rigging on the flexible part of the jacket is just... I don't even know. I have yet to see anything like this on any other piece of gear.
It is slightly less noticeable on other body types, but it's still buggy as all heck on males and females, especially when doing anything other than standing perfectly still in the non-combat idle animation (and even then, as you can see, for certain characters... well, it ain't pretty).

So if I am on track... 2.2.1 is basically going to be named "Cartel Item bug fixes" patch?

Edit: Oh yeah, like the Genteel Dress set, the Regal set is bugged, but this time it's the female version that is missing details. Get your act together, armour designers.
List of current C-item bugs
1. Revan's 2 remaining appearance bugs. Light Grey color bug instead of it being Black for its primary. Double Hood Bug exists, Hood Down should be non existant.
2. Calo Nord's appearance bugs on the helmet.
3. -Redacted- Unable to confirm Genteel set bugs.
4. - Redacted- Unable to confirm or deny Regal Set bugs
4. Pathfinder's Chestpiece has a Double Hood, the Hood Down should be non existant.
5. Investigator's Chestpiece has a Double Hood, the Hood Down should be non existant.
6. Bastila Shan's Chestpiece's Brown Shoulders clip going inside the body on almost every body type/sex outside of the default standing animation.

Not being mean or anything, I love cartel item sets they are so nice looking but could we have a stronger presence of Quality Control testing for outfits? I would hate for us to get Mandalore's armor in the future and it's helm goes transparant on like body type 1 males or some nonsense.