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Are you guys still recruiting? I am currently a lvl 37 vanguard dps. I am planning to this being my current main for my account. I have 2 level 55's on the Empire and looking for a Republic guild that is friendly and welling to help gear players once reaching high cap. I am reunited with my love of being a trooper class haha. I do have mumble, vent and teamspeak. I am 21 years old and been playing swtor since it has come out with breaks on and off because of college. Thanks for your time and consideration. Feel free to friend invite me in-game or whichever communication device to get a hold of me listed above. If you would like to conduct an interview. Thanks again and have a wonder day. May the force be with you!
Knowing your name would help =D, check out this for list of in game officer toons and just ask for an invite.
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