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I think this is a problem overall. In my eyes , they made a mistake making so many servers . I played on the German PvP Server ( Jar'Kai Sword) and 30-40% of pop talks English . English is a multi language talked in 70-80% of country s . My opinion , less server = more pop .

But now for the changes .I like them , its nothing special tho .
As far as I know they cannot condense servers any more than they already have. European servers have only one of each type for each language, and while US servers do have some duplicates, each server still has great population, thus they cannot be combined or the server would have problems. Harbinger has enough problems as it is. The APAC transfers will help with population but the servers can't be condensed anymore. As it stands right now, the only thing that can increase population is... well... people. If the devs make something amazing they can advertise about, more people will join. But as of right now, thats about the only thing they can do to increase population that they haven't already put into action. SSSP will draw a lot of players in, I'd think, but who knows when that's coming. Hopefully soon, but... no announcements in forever.
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Negative language gets you disqualified? Oh I'm sorry, please wait while I contact your local 'safe space'