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I was on my Sorc and did a FP one time and q'd as healer but i didnt have the creds to respec for heals when i realized i was in the wrong spec inside HM Mando. I continued to DPS through trash and will heal everybody up when they get low on HP (around 40%). We never wiped and i made it a point to have people healed up and ready for the next trash pull. Maybe around 30 minutes in i was suddenly kicked out of the group but not before the tank said, we're kicking you because you aren't heal spec'd. I think we were at the trash before the final boss pull when this happened. Didnt kill the bonus boss yet too.

I kept them alive, and the run probably went a teeny bit faster because I was Lightning specd and also no one died not even once.
Well, you would not be able to do the last boss without being heal specced. I had trouble on my commando healer which is heal specced (might be because I was running in EWH and Partisan gear, though )