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rip carnage gaming
We are reforming under a new name, I'll be putting us under a fresh progression when that happens since the new entity will probably only be about half Carnage players, I suppose that is most fair.

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I envy how neat, clean and hassle free this division has remained Nibbon . Grats on the kills on 16-m... Darn dem Europeans beat US again!
Thanks - don't mess it up ;p

I think it is just because there are 5x as many 8 man guilds than there are 16 - plus the 16 man guilds came to this arrangement a couple tiers ago now so there isn't much to actually argue about.

Anyway, I do appreciate everyone staying on topic and keeping this thread relatively clean. So for my sake, thank you!

Let's please keep it that way though, only post kills from here out and I will continue updating

edit: we decided not to change our name so ignore what I said in the first part.