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Its hard to sift through and covers multiple threads, but I did post a few times about the guild discussion and admitted I was wrong. I really dont want to sift through all of it to find the exact quote of what I said. When I said that I was met with more insults and attacks. There was nothing shady about it. You can check the stream if you want to sit through all the DG attempts to listen to the discusion and conclusion we reached as a guild.
That's why I said I'm sure it wasn't your just appeared shady. Surely you can at least recognise that to some degree. I really don't think you all had any ill will involved in your decision and I think it's awesome you killed the rest of the instance. But I can understand those that are a bit upset that they kept to the (unwritten) rule that was (loosely) agreed upon around page 4 or 5 of this thread