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Not trying to bash at all. I think you guys are pretty awesome and enjoy following your streams. I just think you need step back and see the issue. Had you even came into the thread, quoted your post and said, "ya know what, I was wrong..the fight is overtuned and I think skipping HM is the best course of action and should count towards progression." That would have been a lot more palatable than going from being the first to say it shouldn't count to being the first (capable) guild to do it. I acknowledge and respect your kill either way, I just see the events leading up to it as a bit shady. But what do I matter..I'm sure Beslley would happily tell me I'm bad too
Its hard to sift through and covers multiple threads, but I did post a few times about the guild discussion and admitted I was wrong. I really dont want to sift through all of it to find the exact quote of what I said. When I said that I was met with more insults and attacks. There was nothing shady about it. You can check the stream if you want to sit through all the DG attempts to listen to the discusion and conclusion we reached as a guild.