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Heh well since Beslley got banned from swtor forums for calling someone bad I have pretty much been the only one that even bothers checking the swtor forums. I am by no means a representative nor did I even talk to anyone else in the guild about the HM DG switching when I made my post. Stop trying to make something out of nothing and move on.
These threads have made me realize why most of my guild usually avoids the swtor forums, this community of people that would rather bash eachother rather than grow together.
Not trying to bash at all. I think you guys are pretty awesome and enjoy following your streams. I just think you need step back and see the issue. Had you even came into the thread, quoted your post and said, "ya know what, I was wrong..the fight is overtuned and I think skipping HM is the best course of action and should count towards progression." That would have been a lot more palatable than going from being the first to say it shouldn't count to being the first (capable) guild to do it. I acknowledge and respect your kill either way, I just see the events leading up to it as a bit shady. But what do I matter..I'm sure Beslley would happily tell me I'm bad too