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06.14.2013 , 09:18 AM | #1
Description of bug:
The chest piece associated with the Calo Nord armor set appears to have bad geometry, or possibly improper rigging. The flexible part of the mesh (the portion of the jacket that extends below the waist) has many visible issues rendering the piece unsuitable for use in game. Furthermore, the portion of the armor that appears to be a neck scarf causes issues with female human hairstyle # 45 (both in-game and on the loading screen). Both of these visual issues are visible at all times: walking, running, non-combat idle, combat-idle, combat animations, and all varieties of speeder-riding animations (very pronounced on speeders that display the rider in a semi-standing position such as the Rendili, Gurian, and Longspur series).

Verification of bug-status:
Tested on both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards using latest drivers. Tested on multiple body types, both male and female. Attached screenshots are of female body type 1. Testing indicates that this is most likely an issue with the item, rather than a problem originating with the end-user's hardware.

How to reproduce the bug:
Equip the "Calo Nord's Jacket" item.