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06.14.2013 , 08:19 AM | #181
2.2 is out and we're starting to do 16M NiM TFB, will start adding in strats as we progress over the next few weeks . Raiding 2~3 nights a week means slow progression, our guild isn't hardcore so you guys will just have to wait. In the mean time Dulfy is, as always, a good source of info. But keep in mind from our experiences that 16M is (much) harder than 8M even beyond the difficulty of finding 16 non-stupid people.
If...IF I'm not too lazy I'll try to finish the boss guides for HM S & V (there are too many bosses )
[Prophecy of the Five] <The Crushers>
Havok-leader Lvl 55 Commando DPS/Combat Medic Gunnery PvE Guide
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