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06.14.2013 , 04:35 AM | #2
I can confirm this bug with the Relaxed Vestments Chestwrap. I've tested it on my female human, body type 2, on my female Twi'lek, body type 2 on both the Republic and Imperial side. It happens no matter if the Relaxed Vestments Chestwrap is recolored via dyes or not. Note however, that the preview window and the character selection screen do not display this odd polygon and it looks as it should. It appears only in the actual gaming world (I've cranked up all graphics settings to maximum). It looks like some sort of alpha/transparenty on that texture is set incorrectly.

On a side note, I guess the devs only tested with the super-high graphics setting that they use to take promo screenshots and isn't available to us (except in cutscenes, the character selection screen and the preview window - when will they finally make this graphics setting available to the players?) and forgot to test the lower quality settings that are available to the players.