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So despite all the drama I figured I'd link our kill video of Operator IX for people to watch and learn what's different from PTS.

Our comp:
Tahiri (Tank, Assassin)
Enkay (Tank, Juggernaut)
Apoplexie (Heals, Sorcerer)
Turtle (Heals, Sorcerer)
Deeps (Carnage, Marauder)
Devasta (Annihilation, Marauder)
Dominion (Arsenal, Mercenary)
Rhomea (Lethality, Sniper)

So right off the bat you'll notice the data cores have more HP than they did on PTS. This will make purple and yellow phases considerably more difficult to push but it's important you squeeze out as much dps as possible because of a new mechanic: If a core is missed and the master control NPC's channel finishes, it will one-shot the entire raid in a massive AoE attack (it will still send out a rectifier, pointlessly).

Phase 1's adds, I'm told by our tanks and healers, hit harder than they did on PTS and the smaller adds on blue and purple phases now additionally have an instant knockback.

Other than these changes the fight is largely the same as on the PTS. Numbers were tweaked to make phase 1 more difficult and that's about it.

Good luck in progression!
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