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I just have to comment this one. First, the quest you get does show the recommended gear level - but the group finder doesn't, and you don't have to pick the quests to use the group finder. If you just hit 55 while questing on Makeb or something, you might not even know those quests exist.

And there's just the sad fact that the recommended gear is kinda high imo - I mean, isn't it rating 156 = the set of gear you get with basic comms? It takes a lot of time and effort to even reach the gear level you can do those ops, especially if you compare it to what we had just before 2.0: you just picked your free set of tionese and you were ready to go for gf operations. If you don't care for endgame that much and just want to see the ops once, the temptation to join and hope the group will carry you is big.
You can get 156 with just crafting though I rarely see people at that level. Usually you've people either way above (full 162s usually looking for just the arkanian) or way below.