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Shan: Take it easy there. No one here is going to try and hurt you. I will go get Valdek and bring him out here maybe he can set things straight about the ship and the battle. HE was preparing to head to Coruscant on some sort of diplomatic mission.

Shan stood up leaving Sabrina to rest in the chair. He went into the camp and was no where to be seen. The waves rolled up onto the shore almost as if they were queued to do so. The entire beach seemed to be following a path in time. Like it had all happened before.

Kotta led the team through the mountain range. The walked through the path not being stopped by anything. The area was quiet and peaceful almost perfect. There was an overwhelming feeling of perfection running through Kotta and ironically it was causing him to believe that everything wasn't perfect. He kept checking his vitals and ammo count on his comm to make sure everything was ready in case he needed it. The team made it over a final peak and saw the ship at the bottom of the mountain. It wasn't too far of a drop, Naroth could probably make the jump but Kotta and Lukarna would have to repel. The ship was in pieces and front half and cockpit were at the base of the mountain. the rest of the ship was shattered throughout the mountain range.

Kotta: Well there it is.
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