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06.13.2013 , 09:37 AM | #14
Not saying this patch is bad it has some nice stuff, however i dont consider this patch as huge or something new either. Just a normal patch nothing more. Mostly because implementing order of the past.
I mean before the expansion EC got implemented followed by tfb then EC NiM (that part of the story is over why the back paddeling?)
The expansion brought again tfb... alrdy farmed this loads why more? S&V was the good part tho.

However! Now they put in tfb NiM (unfortunally way to late, as it was lvl50 content before), but also S&V NiM at a later point. Which means they closing the content to make room for "real" new content (i consider new content as a new part of the story). So basicly they getting on track with implementing stuff in the right order -> New gear lvl should be new content. The next gen gear will be in new ops, unless BW is going to do something weird :P