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06.13.2013 , 09:31 AM | #20
I feel the pain. Today i did a lvl 50 hm Directive 7 and both the DPS hadn't done it before. Which is fine. When i asked it would have been nice if they had said they had not but whatever, the tank was lvl 55 and i was heal on my operative and both me and the tank have done it plenty of time before. So we explain the fights before hand, and while they go okay the sorcerer dps does nothing but use force storm....every single pull....even on bosses. He was at least part way up the lightning tree as i saw he had the force effusion and chain lightning proc, but all he used was force storm....Nothing Else. I asked him why and he didn't respond. After getting past the the second boss i asked him how he was speced and he said hybrid lightning/madness. Since i leveled a sorc in a similar hybrid i tried to help him with a rotation, but he refused and just kept using force storm. So once we got to the final boss and he just stood under the claw more than once instead of moving i just stopped healing him and dpsed and healed at the same time and rezed him at the end of the fight. I know that i can cc the claw when it comes down but i dunno if healing someone who wont move out of a big circle that is damaging you is worth healing especially since all he used was force storm.