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Out of curiosity, I wanted to know which guilds are going to skip over the dreadguard? We are currently on the fence about skipping it because it ruins the spirit of progression raiding. I'm really hoping that there is no bug, and we are all somehow missing a mechanic. Though if Bioware comes out and says that it is bugged we may skip it.
Thora, there's a TON of posts in the Flashpoints, Operations, and Heroic Missons Forum about the difficulty of the Dread Guard. I saw a guy did the math on the dps needed. He said the dps need an average of 2965 and that DOESN'T include the Legionaries And Ciphas' bubble to avoid enrage. I've even seen several people who claim to be in the top PVE guilds on the game state it is impossible, or very near impossible. They said they 4 dps in full 72s only getting 2600-2700. So, I think BW will nerf or lengthen the enrage timer with the Dread Guard in 2.2.1.
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