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06.13.2013 , 05:36 AM | #17
hi all,

I might be one of those average players, not so bad, not so good, that like to do FP runs. As a newby in a FP, I have had many good experiences and a few bad ones.

A tip for the newbies: tell that you are new to that particular FP, or that it's your first time as tank / healer / DPS in said FP. Almost everybody is OK with this.

For the "teachers / helpers": just wanted to post to say thanks to the many people that help through this process and have the patience to do so even in a funny way! Thanks a lot! Some guys are just brilliant and by doing this are improving the fun-experience of playing swtor.

For the "other people", not so patient, just this: if we all invest (not lose) 5 minutes in a FP teaching the "goodwilling noobs", we all will spare lots of minutes in that run and in future FP runs.