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06.13.2013 , 04:43 AM | #16
I really don't mind players that just haven't learned fights, or need help with explanations or mechanics. Even players that are slow, since a lot might just be younger/older players. What bugs me is when you have a group with 2 DPS in full raid gear, and still hit the enrage on a bonus boss at 50% because they just afk or don't even try.

I always ask if everyone knows fights ahead of time, and if everyone says yes I'll power through the instance as fast as I can. If anyone says no, or later we wipe, I try to take a step back and answer any questions or explain mistakes as best as I can. Sometimes people get irritated that I'm "explaining more than I need to", but in the long run it helps players out the best, and improves the overall quality of people queueing, imo. It's not hard to explain that you need to do XXX for reason YYY, and people will understand it so much better than if you just try and tell them "do this".