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On more complex mechanism than tank and spank, people can do mistakes until they experience the fight enough. Experienced people can also do mistakes by their own. Also the explanation might be clear for the "teacher" or those knowing the tactic but unclear for the "student."

I recall the first time I ran though the last boss of Cademinu, the one with the rockets launches, the only explanation I could get from the others was "follow the tank." Why? Where is he going to go and when? Why am I dying on the sudden? Wipe after wipe I had no more details on what we have to do. They though they did the best, however, even tagging the tank to spot him better. But as a healer it wasn't helpful; I cannot heal and be ready to run at any moment in a direction I don't know. Also as they didn't say we have to go in a edge, I remained more or less in the middle to save time. It eventually frustrated the teachers who left. Then I browsed in a guide who detailed we have to watch the smokes or the burning boosters and run to a safe edge. After one more wipe, we duoed the boss in broken armour.