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06.13.2013 , 02:43 AM | #2
It does have a lot more health in P3 at level 55. Can't remember it being as high as 32% though.

You can kill the tentacles in P1 within 10% of each other with no problems, you can even afford 1 set to be more than that. Although I'm not sure P1 will have any effect on P2 in that way.

In P2, we only kill the first 2 anomalies on the first and second set of tentacles, after the first tentalce is down the guys on the anomalies help kill the second tentacle.

Are you assigning certain platforms to each DPS for the irregularities and killing them efficiently?

We sometimes still hit enrage on this guy but when he's at about 10% or so, so it's not so bad we just burn through it.