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Increase the Channel Time of all Rest abilities and toys to 9999 seconds or infinite toggle abilities
Originally posted June 12, 2013. Last Updated February 15, 2014.

Rest abilities and toys with rest abilities have some of the nicest animations in the game. Unfortunately, the animations only last 10-15 seconds due to the set channeling time after which they and their animations stop automatically. Some of the non-channeled cartel market toys don't last nearly long enough to make them good for roleplay.
This makes them virtually useless for use during roleplay (among other situations) as roleplayers would require these animations to persist as long as they want them to in order to improve immersion and roleplayability of these wonderful animations.

This is a request for a change that should be relatively small and simple to implement but greatly improve the roleplayability of rest abilities and items.
Thus we hereby suggest the channel time of all rest abilities and toys to be increased to 9999.0 seconds like some channeled abilities that are already in the game (the Twi'lek species ability "Parlor Dance" that channels for 9999 seconds immediately comes to mind) or optionally changing them to a looping toggle ability like some of the looping emote dances, etc..

The following is a list of rest abilities and toys that could benefit greatly from this change:
  • Introspection (Jedi Knight class rest ability)
  • Meditation (Jedi Consular class rest ability)
  • Recharge and Reload (Trooper class rest ability)
  • Recuperate (Smuggler class rest ability)
  • Recuperate (Imperial Agent class rest ability)
  • Recharge and Reload (Bounty Hunter class rest ability)
  • Channel Hatred (Sith Warrior class rest ability)
  • Seethe (Sith Inquisitor class rest ability)
  • Focusing Ritual (Mirilian Species rest ability)
  • Review Mission (Chiss Species rest ability)
  • Kolto Tank (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Carbonite Chamber (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Life Day Orb (Cartel Market toy item rest ability - currently only has a duration of 10 seconds!)
  • Remote Control Starship (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Portable Relaxation Unit (Cartel Market toy item rest ability - it's a chair, for Force's sake!)
  • Pocket Sarlacc (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Emergency Medical Table (Cartel Market toy item rest ability purchased at the Bounty Brokers Association Vendor on the Fleet)
  • Camping (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Starfighter Battle Camera (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Pushups (Cartel Market toy item rest ability)
  • Any other rest abilities that I may have missed or will be added in the future!

Other toys, abilities and emotes (without rest function) that aren't channelled but have a relatively short duration and could benefit greatly from a looping toggle/really long timer and no cooldown (or rather, just one global cooldown after being enabled) from a roleplayer's perspective as well:
  • Holoprojector Disguise (Cartel Market toy item ability that allows you to turn to a hologram - currently only lasts for 2 minutes with a 3 minute cooldown and thus is way to short and ends in the middle of roleplaying a "holocall" or "force ghost" - increase the duration to 9999 seconds or at least make the cooldown the same as the duration so one can apply it again immediately after it expires)
  • Glowing Eyes - Gold (Cartel Market toy item ability that allows your eyes to glow gold with the Force)
  • Glowing Eyes - Red (Cartel Market toy item ability that allows your eyes to glow red with the Force)
  • Portable Holodancer (Collector's and Digital Deluxe Edition item ability that allows a Twi'lek holodancer to dance for 20 seconds - which isn't nearly enough to be useful in roleplay)
  • Companion Dance (Ability that allows you to dance with your companion, currently only lasts a short while, needs to loop like other dances)
  • /restless (Emote from the Cartel Packs where the character crosses his arms and checks the watch - currently doesn't loop)

As stated above, 10-15 seconds is nowhere near enough time to use these otherwise wonderful animations during roleplay, as the animations will stop once the channeling time expires. It makes them virtually useless for use during serious roleplay and even irritating and immersion breaking when people have to re-engage them every single time they expire.
The new Portable Relaxation Unit is a great example. With it, we've finally got a chair to sit on anywhere we want, but we can only "relax" on it for a couple of seconds instead of sitting, chilling, socializing and roleplaying four hours...insane!
Another example: it's highly immersion breaking to see the kolto tank vanish 15 seconds after a wounded character has immersed her- or himself into it, even before the person that roleplays the doctor can finish one sentence about the current condition of the patient in the tank.
Another one: The Jedi Knight rest ability Introspection has a wonderful kneeling meditation animation. Or Jedi Sage's Mediation animation which is a wonderful standing one. However, both once again only last for 15 seconds before the Jedi gets up automatically! Meditation isn't a quick affair, Jedi roleplayers would like to immerse themselves into it and meditate for many minutes, if not hours, perhaps in group meditation, teaching other Jedi how to meditate and so on. With the ability being limited to 15 seconds, it's impossible.
Hence this proposal is for all rest abilities, be it the ones granted by classes, species or from toys like the bacta tank or the portable relaxation unit and more to be changed so there is no longer a channel time (or alternatively, if it isn't possible, to make the maximum channel time 9999.0 seconds, like the Twi'lek's species ability "Parlor Dance" currently has).
Remember that all these abilities can be broken by other means than expiring channeling time anyway, like moving or performing any other action, so there is no danger of people getting stuck in such a state. Combat breaks them as well, so they can only be used outside of combat anyway, which means the short timer isn't needed.
This little change will open up a ton of cool looking animations for roleplay, be it immersing yourself in a kolto tank or being frozen in carbonite with others roleplaying medical staff around you, remaining seated on a chair while socializing (since Bioware refuses to grant all chairs in the game the sitting property, this may just be our only hope), Jedi meditating and remaining in meditation as long as they please, and much, much more. There are also no balance issues involved as you can re-engage any rest abilities right after the channel time is up nowadays anyway.
In addition, creators of TOR Machinima videos would greatly appreciate the channel time to be increased to be long enough to be used as props for their videos as the current short duration is a huge inconvenience for them as well.

Addendum: While you're at it, it would be wonderful if you could change all the (cartel market) toy rest items to actual skills in the skill list. There are so many now that they clutter the inventory, and it would be a lot more convenient if they were added as skills in the skill list like vehicles, pets or legacy abilities. It may be a good idea to make them directly accessible via /command like emotes as well.